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Python Generators

2 minute read

Python Generators are kind of iterators which allows us to iterate through the values returned through the function using yield keyword. In simple words, gen...

MySQL Prepared Statements

4 minute read

MySQL Prepared Statements are the queries or statements they are prepared in a way that they can be used later on. They are complied while on creation and ca...

Deploying Image Manipulation Tool in Heroku

1 minute read

In this part, we explore Deploying Image Manipulation tool in Heroku because it is a cloud application platform which gives us the flexibility to deploy our ...

Building Image Merger Web Tool In Python

4 minute read

Image Merger tool is also useful just like the image size reducer tool. Lets take an example where is it needed, suppose we are about to fill some applicatio...

Building Image Size Reducer In Python

6 minute read

Image size reducer is much needed tool these days because most site wants us to upload various documents in the form of image but with the size limit. Modern...

Making Fractal Shapes with Python

6 minute read

Fractals are the continuous and never ending patterns that can be seen in the nature. But its quite different than the classical geometry in the sense of con... for Stock Market Data

4 minute read

Introduction Hello everyone, welcome back to our new blog about getting Stock data in realtime using Few blogs ago, I’ve shared how can we use Al...

SMTPlib: Send Emails with Python

3 minute read

Introduction Hello and welcome back everyone, in this blog we will be exploring how we can send emails using Python. We will be using SMTPlib.

Scraping Tweets with Tweepy

7 minute read

Tweets Scraping using Tweepy Hello and welcome back everyone, in this blog we are going to explore how we can scrape tweets using Twitter’s API and Tweepy. T...

A General Way to Perform an EDA

29 minute read

Introduction Hello everyone, welcome back to another new blog where we will explore different ideas and concept one could perform while performing an EDA. In...

MySQL: Triggers

3 minute read

Triggers in SQL Triggers in SQL is a way to invoke something as a response to the events on the table in which Trigger is attached. The example of the event ...

Pyscript: Running Python in Webpages

1 minute read

Introduction Hello and whats up everyone, in this blog we will explore PyScript for running Python codes inside our HTML files. It is quite easy to do so. Ho...

Python Asyncio: Concurrent Programming

5 minute read

Introduction Async IO means Asynchronous I/O and it has been there since the Python 3.4. The main purpose of asyncio is to achieve Concurrency and Multiproce...

Central Tendency vs Dispersion

6 minute read

Hello everyone, welcome back! In this blog we will again focus into the some of widely used central tendency techniques and then measure of spread in the Sta...

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Gesture Based Calculator

13 minute read

Gesture Based Calculator Hello and welcome everyone to our last project on the #7DaysOfComputerVisionProjects series where we did some cool computer vision p...

Game: Kill a Fly

12 minute read

Kill The Fly Hello surfer, if you were following our series #7DaysOfComputerVisionProjects then this is the 6th project and this is going to be different and...

Gesture Based Visually Writing System

10 minute read

Gesture Based Writing Method Introduction Hello surfer, welcome to this blog where I will be writing a Python code to write something in canvas by moving fin...

Playing Chrome Trex Game with Gestures

5 minute read

Play Trex Game on Chrome By Gesture Using OpenCV and Mediapipe Hello there surfer! Since few days, I am thinking about some cool projects that can be done w...

Realtime Background Changing in Python

9 minute read

Real Time Background Changing With OpenCV and Python This blog is the part of the series #7DaysOfComputerVisionProjects. Links to the blogs and videos of eac...

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