Guidance For AI Game Development Using Unity

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As becoming a Machine Learning enthusiast, I searched for some resources where I can learn Reinforcement Learning. Then at the same time I found about Unity. Unity is a good platform for newcomers on the field of Game Development and which myself found as great resource for learning. Plus I will guide through to getting Unity Learning Premium.

Unity Learn Premium

For a Machine Learning Developer, it was quite uneasy for the first time to play with those spaces(coordinates) but later it became handy. Best way to start Unity is through scripting. C# is mainly used as scripting language on Unity and then an editor like Visual Studio Code will do the best job further.

Okay, let's say you just googled Unity, then you will see lots of links from search and you clicked one with the least description. Somehow you reach Unity's home page then all the excitement runs for sometime but then panic starts how to learn where to learn. Well this is not a problem any more. Unity have quite good resources also and guess what they have plan for students also.

Here is a idea, first go to GitHub and then fill the application for Student Partner. A student ID Card will make this job easy. This way you can get the coolest benefits like 100$ credits for MS Azure, AWS credits, Heroku, .me domain from and 50+ more. But the target here is to get unity premium service available.

Once you become a Student Partner on GitHub, then head over to Unity Student Partner to sign up. It actually uses GitHub authorization and after a few minutes kaboom. We got access to whole premium unity learning. The idea to get premium is that they actually have the best resources for learning.

But one of the best beginner courses of Unity is Create with Code and it is free. The reason for being best is because of the mentor and the standard of course. It involves about 4 projects and 3 labs along with challenges and quizzes. It is around 37 hours long and within a week we can know the beginner level of C# for unity. And it teaches about 3d objects movements and many more interesting physics problems.

Next on the line is from AI, and it comes with Unity premium. It is Artificial Intelligence for Beginners. Which guides through the foundation of mathematics for Machine Learning journey and guess what it includes projects and lots of fun projects.

AI for Beginners

Other courses are also available on premium section of Unity Learning but let me first talk about the assets here. Assets are pre built models on Unity which can be used as drag and drop instead of creating a whole model. The model here is any shapes 2d, 3d and also animations, scripts etc. Unity's Asset Store free and paid also. And some of cool Assets are:-