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"Another introvert on this open world who writes codes which he can not even understand". Well that was a joke. Alter ego of Ramkrishna Acharya. I am a CS undergrad from Nepal. I am highly passionate about AI and i have done some projects. Hiking and trekking to huge hills is what attracts me but climbing tree is another thing i did most. On free time, i make some YouTube videos. Sometimes i write articles on Medium also.


MPercept Technology

AI Developer Intern

I learned how to provide best AI based customer services while dealing with various requirements. The period on MPercept really pushed me high on the sky. :)

MPercept Academy

Assistant AI Mentor

I helped young and inspiring tech students to understand Computer Vision while doing amazing projects.

Junior Unity Developer

I learned how to make real world applications using Unity3D.

Ensemble Matrix

Machine Learning Engineer

I am working as ML Engineer to make realworld application.


Tribhuvan University

September 2015 - December 2019

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and IT

I studied on government university and college so i had lots of time to study new things. I had studied courses like AI, Image Processing, Neural Networks etc.

Higher Secondar Education Board

2012 - 2015

General Science

I studied gener physics, chemistry and mathematics on highschool and passed with 1st division.


2012 - 2015



Contour Based Game: Break The Bricks: 2020

  • A project to play games by moving fingers infront of the camera.
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Contour Based Visually Writing Method: 2020

  • A project to write on canvas by moving finger in front of the Camera.
  • Started from scratch to the web app.
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Corn Infection Detection: 2020

  • A on Computer Vision research to detect the infected Region on Corn leaf.
  • Doing from ground up.
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Deploying RASA Chatbot On Unity Game Engine: 2020

  • On Going Project to make a text based intelligent Game on Android.
  • Doing from ground up.
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Devanagari Handwritten Character/word Recognition

Done as academic project. I used CNN model for training and numpy for segmentation(sounds funny) and OpenCv sometimes.

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Projects Done During Udacity's Deep Learning Nanodegree

I have done 4 projects during Udacity's Deep Learning Nanodegree course which includes use of CNN, GANS, LSTM and AWS deployment.

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All other normal projects.

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