Unity has provided 3 months of Unity Learning Premium free for all

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Due to current global threat of COVID-19, unity is providing free access to all the contents of Unity Learn platform. And as a life long learner, I am writing this article so that it might help others who wants to learn Game Development but don't know where to start. And good news here is, with premium learning we can have lot of awesome assets for free.

Unity is a great game development platform which basically uses C# or JavaScript as a scripting language. Most of us have a separate world inside of ourselves and game development is one of the coolest profession on the tech field. To guide out what might you accomplish with these 3 months of Unity, I am writing about awesome courses on Unity Learning.

To make it easier, Unity has 3 levels of courses, beginner, intermediate and then Advanced. I was learning Unity since a month and I myself was lost but finally I found a simple track that might be helpful for all.

The courses below requires 3d modeling tools like Maya, Zbrush and these are not free if you want to know about how to access these free, then you can follow my other articles also.

  • Create with Code :

    • If you are beginner and also want to know about how to take code into action, Unity's free beginner course "Create With Code" is a best start. This is about 38hrs long course and you can complete within a week. "Best thing about this course is the instructor". And the course have 4+ projects, labs and challenges also.
  • Beginner Fundamentals: Unity Game Dev Course

    • This is a premium course made by Pluralsight and is the best one to learn from the base. This is around 14hrs long content with projects and can be completed within 15 days.
  • Beginner Programming: Unity Game Dev Course

    • This course can be done along with above one and is around 9hrs long course created by Pluralsight. This course is for everyone who have knowledge about data structure and some programming experience. This can also be completed on 15 days along with above.
  • Beginner Design: Unity Game Development Course:

    • If you like the tech talk like podcasts then this course is a best one to watch while learning above. Game Dev experts talks about the process of game development from idea to implementation. This is about 5hrs long and mostly 'sit and listen' course.
  • Beginner Art: Unity Game Dev Course:

    • If you are the one who is fascinated by the 3d game models or arts then you should really check this out. This course takes deep into the 3d modeling, environment creation, texturing, and so on from the concept art. This course contains content from Photoshop, ZBrush, Substance painter etc. But follow along is not possible on this course and probably going over to ZClassroom is the best idea to learn about 3d modeling and sculpting. To make better understanding, this course can be completed in at least month.

Now your at least 30 days are gone and you are ready to head on to next challenge. Unity provides Intermediate level courses also and I found the Pluralsight courses to be good choice also. Below are the links to those courses.

Now above content must take you at least 2 months then now is the time to move on to Advanced. Again, Pluralsight's course is the best choice here. And giving a month time is enough for the courses below.

Starting with the Fundamental course will give a best boost and it is the best choice also.

And if you really like to view some of cool Assets:-


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