How to download Autodesk Maya 3d for free

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autodesk maya

Autodesk Maya is a 3d animation tool that have almost endless uses on the field of Animation, 3d, movie industry, Game Development and even engineering. But it is not a free for all tool. The full version of Maya requires users to pay in order to use it. And most of the learners do not have enough to pay that money. But here is a way to that. We don't have to use the crack version of the Maya and stay at risk but we can use the authorized full version of Maya by creating a Student or Educator account.

Student or Educator account gives about 3 year of free access to popular tools like Autodesk Maya, 3ds max etc. but sad thing is we can only install this on 3 machines but it is worth trying. You just have to follow the below link to create an account.

Here is a link for downloading the software on your platform.

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