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This blog is a part of our series Python for Stock Market Analysis.

Disclaimer: This blog is for educational purpose only and we do not recommend taking the knowledge gained from this blog to implement in real financial exercises.

This blog tries to implement preliminary metrics that are used in the stock market analysis. The dataset we will be using is available via yahoofinance.

Preliminary Actions

Install Libraries

Please install:

You might need to install pip install -U kaleido if you need to save plots as png image.

If you are new into plotly, then we have an awesome blog about it where we have done plots based on COVID 19 dataset.

Import Required Libraries

Download Stock Data of Apple

By default, we are allowed to download data from 1900-01-01

It seems that data is only available from 1980-12-12. The column names in the above fields are:

Perform EDA

EDA or Exploratory Data Analysis is the first step in any Data Analysis and lets do that in our Stock Data too. We have blogs about doing EDA, Statistical and Inferential Analysis please check them out for more about EDAs.

Checking for Null Value

It seems that we do not have any null rows present on the data.

View the Distribution

It gives us the frequency of value's some range. It is simply a histogram.